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Props & Trestles

Lakeside Hire services the building industries with a wide range of products; our most popular being our Props & Trestles!

Looking for Prop Hire?

Acrow props, the standard in building and construction work to hold up any ceilings or planes required! All of our props – regardless of size – can be hired from a cost of £4 per prop per week! The strongboy head attachment also comes at a cost of £6 per attachment per week, so a price your accountant would grin at!

With a strong reputation built from decades of use, Acrow props are known to never let builders down and do the best for every job they’re on!

Don’t worry if you need prop hire in Bristol for an extended amount of time, our hires can last up to 28 days as a standard, and if you need it for a longer period, then get in touch with our sales team to find out how we can help your unique building situation!

How about Trestle Hire?

Our trestles are just what you need when you’re out on site. If you need to reach anywhere to get some painting, plastering or anything else done, our trestles are built to withstand use, and along with our staging boards are the safest, most easy-to-use and practical solution for you!

Along with boarding, they’re strong enough for you to use machinery or heavy tools from any height (as long as you’re following safety procedures!). For every supporting or scaffolding board you’re using, we would recommend supporting with a trestle every 1.5m. This will give you the most efficient safety and stability for whatever building task you’ll be doing, as well as economical enough to not burn a hole in your budget! The trestles are of course steel for durability along with weight management!

When it comes to budget, you can hire our trestles from as low as £6 per week per trestle! They also only weigh 8kg, so you don’t need specialist equipment to move or transport them, just a safe lifting technique (remember, knees, not back)!

Trestles hire in Bristol can pose a bit of a problem if you’re not sure of the reputability of the company you’re hiring from, but we’ve got a great reputation built from years of servicing the building trades, from sprawling national building companies to self-employed tradesmen!

NUMBER 20.76M-1.17M
NUMBER 31.07M-1.68M
NUMBER 1 1.75M - 3.0M
NUMBER 2 1.98M - 3.3M
NUMBER 3 2.59M - 3.9M
NUMBER 4 3.2M - 4.8M

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