Tool and Equipment Hire Bristol

Detecting & Surveying

Detecting and surveying jobs might involve looking for existing pipes and cables to avoid while carrying out an excavation or mapping out existing structures in the ground.

You might also need diagnostic tools to identify leaks and other problems in underground water or gas pipes. Whether you are conducting excavation and construction work or maintenance and repairs to underground pipes and cables, you need precise and effective detection equipment to identify issues and potential risks.

To help you do your job safety and effectively, we offer affordable detecting and surveying hire in Bristol if you are looking for related tools and equipment. Our selection of products includes the latest cable detecting equipment and cable avoiding tools.

We also hire metal detectors, which help you identify existing structures in structures and in the ground as well as potential obstacles. Hidden leaks in, for example, water or gas distribution networks also need specialised detection equipment. For these jobs, we supply sound detectors to survey pipes for acoustic noise that might indicate a leak. We also stock mouse detectors and signal generators.


Our product range includes other equipment that you might need for surveys and detection work. For precision measurement of heights and other vectors, we supply easy-to-use Leica laser levels that minimise errors when taking measurements.

We also stock the Cobra duct rod 100m, a compact and portable fibreglass rod for surveying drains and pipes with CCTV cameras. This tool is also useful for installing cables in ducts, threading draw ropes through pipes, or locating drains and sewers.

Our detecting and surveying hire Bristol service gives you a cost-effective solution for using tools to get the job done without having to buy new equipment. Our tools and equipment are serviced and tested regularly to ensure proper calibration. In addition to a comprehensive range of tools for surveys and detection work, we offer technical support and delivery.

Hiring tools and equipment is particularly helpful for one-time or rare jobs, including emergency repairs or when your equipment is being repaired. You also avoid ongoing servicing and maintenance costs by hiring detecting and surveying tools from us.

Murray Hire offers professional detecting and surveying hire Bristol service if you need tools and equipment for construction jobs, engineering work, archaeological surveys or any other project. To learn more about our available products, contact us today.